Terms and Conditions

I. Scope

1 These terms and conditions find their application to contracts for the rental of furnished apartments (accommodation) and all services provided to the guest services and deliveries of the provider Boardinghouse Offenbach (hereinafter referred to as Boardinghouse Offenbach).

2 The General Terms and Conditions of the Guest shall not apply unless there is a contrary written agreement before.

Conclusion of contract and contract

1 submitted by the Boardinghouse in Offenbach offers are always subject to change. An effective contract is concluded with the adoption by the Boardinghouse Offenbach. The guest receives the sending of the countersigned contract and the inventory of a written confirmation.

Second contractor is Boardinghouse Offenbach and the guest. When booking through a third party, this is liable to Boardinghouse Offenbach as the Customer together with the guest and severally liable for all obligations arising from the contract.

3 rented a furnished apartment in the home of the provider Boardinghouse Offenbach. With an occupancy of more than 2 persons, the consent of Boardinghouse Offenbach must be obtained in advance in writing. The apartment rate then increases according to the price list of the Seller Boardinghouse Offenbach.

4 Should the customer wish to extend his stay, he is entitled to a right of option available. To exercise this right, the guest Boardinghouse Offenbach must be notified in writing 14 days prior to the expiration of the period of stay, as long as he intends to continue to use the apartment. In the event that Boardinghouse Offenbach has already entered into a contract for accommodation with another guest for the same apartment, boarding house Offenbach is entitled to the guest when extending the length of stay in a comparable apartment accommodate. If even this is not possible, so the guest can not exercise his right.

5 A continuation or renewal of the contract for accommodation must be expressly agreed in writing. Verbal agreements are void.

6 sublet to third parties, or any use of the licensed furnished apartments by third parties is prohibited and subject to prior written approval from the Boardinghouse Offenbach. The use of the apartment to other than accommodation serving purposes is also prohibited, unless Boardinghouse Offenbach has expressly granted prior written consent.

7 All the apartments of the provider Boardinghouse Offenbach are Non smoking apartments. Smoking is therefore not permitted in any case except on a balcony or terrace. Should the customer still smoking so thereby incurred by him damage or additional costs for the renovation / cleaning when you leave the apartments are to be reimbursed in full.

8 Pets are not allowed.

III. Prices, Payment

1 With the completion of the accommodation contract, the guest is obliged to pay the agreed fee for the accommodation, for bail and for other of his unused services.

2 The salary and deposit must be paid prior to move-either in cash or by bank transfer. Extends the rental for a longer period of time, the payments for accommodation are to be paid each month in advance by bank transfer or in cash.

3 Unless a different agreement has been made, the agreed prices include applicable sales tax.

4 The billing currency is the euro. In foreign currency exchange differences and bank charges will be borne by the party obligated to pay.

5 The guest is free to make payments with credit card. In this case, the provider will charge an additional service fee of 3.5% of the total.

6 accounts for the provider are payable immediately upon receipt without deduction. The Guest at the latest in default if he fails to make the payment within 3 days on receipt of invoice. Compared to a guest who is a consumer, find the previously mentioned apply only if the guest has been particularly these consequences in the bill. In case of delay in payment Boardinghouse Offenbach is entitled to charge consumers to charge default interest at the rate of 5% above the base rate. Business transactions, the default interest rate is 8% above the base rate. Boardinghouse Offenbach reserves the right to claim higher damages. For each reminder after default occurs Boardinghouse Offenbach is entitled to charge a reminder fee of € 5.00 to.

7 complaints for billing must be made immediately after to be communicated to the provider Boardinghouse Offenbach. The intended recipient of the invoice should be made known when the contract is signed.

8 The seller has the right to increase the price of the apartment with a notice of 4 weeks, ie adapt to the current price list. Should the guest with the increase does not agree, the guest has a special right within 2 weeks.

Repudiation of the provider

1 When there is an objectively justified reason Boardinghouse Offenbach has a right to rescind the contract. Examples are:

1.1 Force majeure or other from the Boardinghouse Offenbach due to circumstances that make the performance of the contract impossible,

1.2. Renting of apartments is under misleading or false information of material facts, such as the name or the purpose

1.3. It is part Boardinghouse Offenbach is a reasonable cause to believe that the accommodation can endanger the reputation of Boardinghouse Offenbach in public, without this being attributable to the management or organization of Boardinghouse Offenbach.

1.4. Unauthorized subletting or rental of II No. 3 is present

1.5. The guest is in default of payment; event of a default of more than 3 days Boardinghouse Offenbach has an immediate right of extraordinary termination with a notice period of 1 day and is entitled to withdraw from the guest's access to the apartment.

1.6. Obtained Boardinghouse in Offenbach on the circumstances knowledge that a significant deterioration in the financial situation of the Guest occurred after conclusion of the contract, especially if the guest the delinquencies of Boardinghouse Offenbach does not pay or does not provide sufficient security and therefore claims for payment of Boardinghouse Offenbach in danger.

1.7. The guest has made ​​an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings against its assets, delivered an affidavit according to § 807 ZPO, initiated a non-judicial process for the purpose of debt settlement or stopped making payments.

1.8. About the assets of the Guest insolvency proceedings have been opened or opening a proceeding was dismissed for lack of mass.

2 The supplier will inform the customer immediately of the right of rescission.

3 In the case of justified rescission that the provider is the customer's claim is founded on damages.

V. arrival and departure

1 On the agreed day of arrival the rented apartment is available from 15:00 (check-in time). In individual cases, alternative arrangements can be made by this time. The guest has no right to earlier availability of the apartment.

2 After handover of the apartment to the guest, the guest may determine existing deficiencies in the apartment 24 hours and display them Boardinghouse Offenbach. If no defects / damage noted - the guest has to take responsibility for any defects that occur during their stay at the inventory. The same applies for missing inventory items.

3 On the day of the agreed departure date, the apartment must be passed before 12.00 clock in a broom clean condition at Boardinghouse Offenbach. In case of delayed evacuation is Boardinghouse Offenbach reserves the right to charge for the contract-border use of the apartment Additional fees and any costs of other accommodation, the following guest invoice.
Any contractual claims of the guest shall be created thereby. The guest can carry a rebuttal that Boardinghouse Offenbach no or a considerably lower damage has only arisen. After expiry of the period of stay, the apartment is cleaned on - this, an amount in accordance with the price list of Boardinghouse Offenbach will be charged. If the guest does not pay separately this amount, the provider has the right to withhold the amount of the deposit.

VI. Technical facilities

1 Boardinghouse Offenbach is a fully equipped with technical equipment and furniture the apartment. The use of own electrical devices by the guest using the current network of Boardinghouse Offenbach requires written permission. Boardinghouse Offenbach is entitled to calculate the expected additional costs to the guest and possibly deduct from the deposit. The guest is liable for problems and damages that result from the use of its devices.

2 The guest has the opportunity as an additional service to take during his stay, the use of the Internet to complete. In such cases, the guest is obliged to comply with all applicable local, national and possibly international laws and regulations. For all acts and omissions in the use of the guest is responsible users themselves. In addition, the guest assumes full responsibility for the unlawful use of the Internet connection and releases the provider Boardinghouse Offenbach from any third party claims.

3 The registration for provided television and radio sets is up to the tenant because it is longer-term rentals.

VII Brought decoration materials and other items

1 The preparation and mounting of decorative objects on the walls is prohibited due to the potential risk of damage. The guest is liable for such decoration introduced alone and provides Boardinghouse Offenbach from third party claims.

2 changes of any kind to or on the premises shall not be made.

VIII cancellation by the customer

1 Cancellations must be made ​​in writing.

2 After completion of the contract remains in the event of a cancellation the guest as long to pay the remuneration obligation to the apartment again goes into the rental to another guest.

3 When cancellation here is also a change in the contract scope by late arrival or early departure to understand.

4 The guest is it subject to a rebuttal to cause the seller a lower damage.

IX. Liability of the Provider

Claims for damages, regardless of their legal basis, are excluded. For damages arising from injury to life, body or health which is not affected.

X. Liability of the Customer

For damage to the building and / or the inventory caused by the guest himself, his family members, guests or other third parties from its domain, the guest is liable according to legal regulations. Boardinghouse Offenbach reserves the right to claim damages immediately with immediate maturity or bill to charge the credit score immediately after the occurrence of damage to the amount of damages. The guest is free to sufficient insurance for such liability claims. The provider reserves the right to require proof of an insurance policy.

XI. final provisions

1 All changes and additions to the contract must be in writing.

2 The exclusive jurisdiction for commercial transactions is the seat of Boardinghouse Offenbach, Offenbach am Main.

3 German law applies.

4 The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The same applies to contractual loopholes. Moreover, the statutory provisions shall apply